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I just wanna s*** some d***


I was speaking to mum on the phone and started crying because I’m so tired. This week kinda sucks a bit because it’s school holidays which means no day care. The kids are cute as hell but I’m not hired as a full time nanny so I’m a bit grumpy that I had to do split shift babysitting yesterday and today and I’m on for the next two nights as well, as well as kitchen/cleaning for the next two mornings. The kids are sick as well and have given it to me which isn’t making me feel any better.

I haven’t been eating properly either, it’s hard because I don’t have a kitchen and there’s a bunch of appliances I want to get but don’t have the cash for yet. Plus the Leigh Creek supermarket isn’t exactly the most whizz bang place, and it’s SO expenny. My boss cooks me dinner every night though so that’s pretty nice.

Tomorrow is a new day, I guess. I’m done whining.


How to do sex:

  • Put the lime in the coconut
  • shake it all up



Orange Is the New Black cast celebrates their Emmy nominations on set on July 10. Photo credit: JoJo Whilden for Netflix.

I’m back in Adelaide for this riot next weekend! Come out and drink some beers with me!

I’ve been a bit home sick these last few days, mainly because everyone I know up here has been in town for the last week haha. Today I had my first morning off and I tell you what, it was glorious. I spent the morning napping, reading and doing some yoga practice- something I haven’t done in quite a while. I was pleased that I can still do back bends, although it isn’t perfect. I think I’m losing weight (would probably have something to do with the massive flight of stairs that I live at the top of and have to walk up and down when I’m on the cleaning shift) which is really nice. 

Tonight is my last shift for the week and then I’ve got the weekend free so I’m going to go out to mum and dad’s overnight. I’m also going to treat myself to a glass of red or two tonight.